How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Metal Dog Crate with Recommendations


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    When choosing an eco-friendly dog crate, we recommend purchasing a metal dog crate made from steel with a metal base—then making this into a special space for your dog that is safe and secure.

    Making your dog crate a sanctuary for your pup will help it as it grows. It will support them with:

    • Toilet training
    • Rehabilitation following a medical procedure, 
    • Adjusting to new surroundings 
    • Feeling secure and safe during a stressful situation
    • Help with separation anxiety. 

    Why are Metal Dog Crates Recommended?

    Dog crates come in several materials, the most popular materials being; metal, plastic or fabric. 

    For those of us following an eco-friendly lifestyle, metal is the recommended choice when buying a dog crate due to its eco-friendly credentials. It is also lightweight and durable. 

    Plastic, as we know, is not eco-friendly, and when it comes to fabric, many fabrics are not eco-friendly.

    From a safety perspective, a metal dog crate wins; puppies and even distressed dogs may try to chew their crates. Chewing on plastic can be potentially dangerous. With fabric, you also run the risk of your dog escaping by tearing its crate. 

    5 Benefits of Buying a Metal Dog Crate?

    1. A metal dog crate is readily available and affordable.

    2 They are recyclable – many products we buy made of steel have already had a previous life and have already been recycled. 

    3. Metal dog crates are well built, long-lasting, and hold their value, so you will easily be able to upcycle your dog crate at the end of use.

    4. From a safety perspective, metal dog crates are better than plastic and fabric. They significantly reduce the risk of damage caused by chewing. 

    5. From an environmental point of view, it takes very little energy to produce steel, and it is also non-toxic. 

    What Eco-Friendly Dog Metal Dog Crate Do We Recommend?

    Ellie-Bo Dog Crate

    When it comes to looking for dog crates, plenty of choices are available. They come in various materials, some of which are not eco-friendly and others only part. i.e. the crate itself is metal, yet the inner base tray is plastic.

    When looking for a small dog crate for my pup, I was looking for a full metal crate with a metal base. The Ellie-Bo puppy Cage met my criteria.

    • Metal crate and base
    • Affordable
    • Available to buy now
    • Lots of reviews from others who have purchased

    The Ellie-Bo crate arrived and was easy to put together, it literally took less than a minute to pull together, and it’s lightweight, making it super easy to move around. So far, I have used this in my car, taken it to the dog sitters when we have been away and taken it on holiday with us.

    Dog crates can seem cold and unwelcoming, so we also recommend choosing to buy eco-friendly vet bed from Eco Vetbed to line the bottom of your dog crate as it is 100% recycled.

    You can buy vet bed in various sizes; our recommendation is to get enough to cut it into two pieces – one to use now and one in reserve for any accidents – you can use the second piece while the first is washing.

    (If you have not heard of vet bed, it’s fantastic stuff – see below this review for more detailed information into what makes it so great).

    Thirdly, and this is optional, we recommend purchasing a cover for your crate. Going back several years, when I first started using a crate, crate covers were not available and I was left using an old fitted bed sheet (which didn’t fit very well).

    You need to be a little careful when finding a crate cover – there are many available, however, when it comes to finding an eco-friendly dog crate cover, choice is limited for eco-friendly ranges, however, we recommend Crate Covers by Marina, who make lovely washable eco-friendly dog crate covers. These covers are handmade from fluorine-free materials and recycled plastic bottles.


    Sizes: Comes in 4 different sizes – suitable for all dogs
    Colours: Choose from Black or Silver
    Doors: 2
    Materials: Alloy Steel, Metal

    What We Like

    • A well made dog crate, with size options for all dogs from small to large.
    • Two doors for entry/exit – making it super easy for you to slot this into most places in your home and for use in your car.
    • Two locks on both doors for added security.
    • Great value – even at resale. When you come to upcycle your crate you will still get a good price and be doing your bit for the environment.
    • Folds – flat for easy storage, making it very easy to take with you for short stays or holidays in the UK.
    • The base tray is made from steel – not chewable and easy to wipe any dirt, debris or accidents.
    • Quick and easy to put up and collapse.

    What We Don't Like

    • There isn’t anything not to like. The criteria was to buy an eco-friendly dog crate to keep my dog safe and secure. The Ellie-Bo Puppy Cage meets these requirements, including the non-chew metal tray.

    *Note – if you are looking for an eco-friendly dog crate, look at the bases. Some are plastic

    Should You Use A Dog Crate?

    Dog cages can be used as indoor kennels and for safely transport your dogs to the vets, groomers or on holiday. Many responsible dog owners see them as safe and secure areas for their dogs, especially for short periods of time.

    5 Uses for Dog Crates

    1. As an open den
    When using a crate, you don’t have to keep your dog locked in with the doors shut. Many dogs quickly adapt and happily take themselves in unaided for rest and time out and treat them as comfy dens.

    2. To Help With Training

    When you get a puppy, they will be used to being in a litter with mum and their brothers and sisters; coming home to the big wide world can be scary; many puppies will be used to being in a confined area, so using a crate is likely to feel familiar for them.

    They are also very beneficial for toilet training and training your dog to be used to time alone, making it easier for when you need to go out and leave them for short periods of time.

    3. To Help with Vet Visits and Boarding Kennels

    There may be times in your dog’s life when it will need to go to the vets or boarding kennels and stay away from home for a few days or weeks. If your dog is used to creating, it can really help them settle into their new surroundings quicker.

    In addition, if your dog is unfortunate and has an accident at some point and has to be rested, a crate will help support their rehabilitation period.

    4. Safe Car Travel

    Dogs should be transported in a crate; this is for their and your safety. Many breeders will not allow a puppy to leave without prior checks that you, the owner, have adequate procedures in place to transport your puppy.


    How Long Can I Leave My Dog in its crate?

    You should only leave your dog in its crate for a maximum of four hours during the day. Puppies will need building up over time due to the size of their bladders and how often they need to go out to the toilet.

    You must never go to work all day and leave your dog shut in its crate. The crate must always be seen as a pleasurable place and safe haven for your dog and never used as a punishment.

    Can Dog Crates Help with Separation Anxiety?

    Yes, dog crates can help with separation anxiety. As dog owners, we know that our dogs bring an abundance of joy and lavish us with unconditional love. We can disappear for a matter of moments to come back to the warmest of greetings as if we are long lost friends.

    This is all lovely. However, when we get puppies or even rescue dogs, it is our duty as responsible dog owners to steady them and help them to be well-rounded dogs.

    Training your dog to be left alone is vital to their well-being. Leaving our dogs alone for periods of time is absolutely natural; we can’t be with them 24/7, and dogs need their own space.

    Leaving your dog alone should always be a slow and gradual process, and dogs who have not been taught how to be left can suffer from separation anxiety as they grow older.

    Separation anxiety in dogs can be displayed in several ways, from toilet accidents in the house, howling and barking, chewing your personal items through, and destroying furniture and even door frames.

    Dog Crates can help with separation anxiety by giving your dog a safe place to stay, where they can rest and relax while you are away. Crate training your dog will help to prevent separation anxiety and protect your dog from causing harm to itself from digesting materials such as your sofa and door frames and saving the anguish of a scolding when you come home.


    How Can I Make My Dog Crate Comfortable for My Dog Whilst Still being Eco Friendly?

    Metal crates don’t look very friendly or comfortable. You can make your metal dog crate more comfortable with an eco-friendly dog bed or line it with eco-friendly vet bed, which is warm, soft and super easy to maintain. We also recommend a dog crate cover.

    Benefits of Dog Crate Covers

    Dog crate covers offer security. Many dogs like to feel safe and secure and coving your metal dog crate can soothe your dog by limiting any visual stimuli which may excite your dog in times when time-out and rest is much needed. When used in the evening, covering a few sides can indicate bedtime.

    Crate covers can be used in the home and also on car journeys which, can help some dogs who suffer from travel sickness.

    Is It Safe to Fully Cover My Dog’s Crate?

    No, it is not recommended that you fully cover your dog’s crate. Many crate covers come with breathable sides and the option to lift and secure flaps up to allow the flow of air and enable you to control the temperature – you don’t want your dog to overheat.

    The best materials are of course eco-friendly, but also breathable and easy to clean. From an aesthetical point of view, you can now choose from many different colours to suit your interiors or, if you can make your own eco-friendly dog create the cover.

    Always remember to keep your crate away from direct sunlight and drafts.

    Lining your Crate with Eco-Friendly Vet Bedding

    Vet bedding is perfect for lining the metal tray in your dog crate. We recommend buying this on the roll where you can then measure and cut to size. Having two pieces is ideal as you can have one on the go and one in the wash.

    What is Vet Bed?

    Vet Bed is a lightweight material that is predominantly by breeders to line whelping beds. It is soft, warm, affordable and can withstand high washing temperatures and is quick to dry making it the perfect material for puppies and senior dogs. It absorbs urine taking it away through the bedding and away from the dog so they are not laying in a wet mess.

    When you are looking to buy vet bed, keep a close eye out for eco-friendly vet bedding. Most vet bed is made from double-strength polyester. An eco-friendly vet bed is made from recycled plastic bottles.

    Eco-friendly vet bed has exactly the same credentials as the original vet bed and is durable, machine washable and perfect for lining the metal tray of your dog crate.

    What Size Dog Crate Should I Get For My Dog?

    When buying a dog crate you need to consider a few points.

    1. Can your dog stand up in the crate?

    2. Can your dog lay down?

    3. Can your dog stretch out?

    4. Are you buying a crate for a puppy?

    If you are buying a crate for a puppy, you need to think about its growing room. You may need to consider getting a smaller crate to start with and then buying a larger one as your dog grows. This is especially true if you plan to use your crate to transport your dog in your car.

    Dogs are better protected in smaller spaces, so don’t buy a large crate for your pup if using in your car with the thought that this will save you money. Safety has to come first.


    This article set out to help you choose the best eco-friendly dog crate for you and your dog. There are understandably many questions that arise about dog crating, and we hope that we have helped by answering as many questions here.

    The internet is full of information; however, if you would like some further reading, we recommend downloading and reading Dog Crates a Step by Step Guide by the RSPCA, which also includes a comprehensive guide to introducing your pup to its crate.