Doggie Approved Your Online Eco-Friendly Dog Shop

Our dog shop is brimming with carefully chosen eco-friendly dog products for the eco-centric dog owner.

All products in our online eco-friendly dog shop are:


  • Environmentally friendly and safe for both our dogs and the plant

  • 100% Natural, Organic and free from nasty chemicals

  • Made from sustainable materials, recycled or upcycled from materials that would otherwise land up in our landfill or oceans.


Eco-Friendly Dog Shop

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We are based in the UK and where possible try to keep our carbon paw prints down by choosing suppliers, producers and manufacturers who are local to us.

Our goal is to educate and lead as many dog owners to navigate the world of ‘eco-friendly dog ownership’


it’s not easy…it takes time to read and understand what ‘eco’ means, on our quest to find the best eco-friendly dog products, we have found many that look fabulous on first glance, but when diving deeper into the materials, components and ingredients we have been disappointed to see that some manufactures are too frequently stretching their ‘dog-friendly eco credentials’.


Helping dog owners to reduce their carbon footprint one paw at a time!