Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit Review


    If you are looking at trying a plant-based diet for your dog and want to make your own vegan dog food, yet you’re concerned about providing your dogs with all the essential nutrients they need, look no further!

    The Fleetful Hearty Hemp and Chickpea Dog Food Kit provides a simple way to cook a fresh and complete vegan meal for your dog.

    • This Vegan Dog Kit revolutionises home-prepared dog food. It's especially ideal for those who feel intimidated or lack confidence in the kitchen.
    • We can't find one reason not to buy the Vegan Dog Kit.

    The Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit is a complete vegan dog food kit for dog owners who want 100% control over what they feed their dogs. 

    Fleetful, provide dog owners with:

    1) The confidence to prepare a homemade vegan dog food that is 100% nutritionally balanced.  

    2) The ability confidently make a home-prepared vegan dog diet no matter their cooking skills and abilities!

    About Fleetful and their Vegan Dog Food Kit

    Fleetful, at the time of writing, is the ONLY producer in the UK of a vegan dog food kit. And, Fleetful is not a marketing gimmick by a major dog food company jumping on a growing sector in the dog food market.

    Fleetful is the brainchild of Holly and her English Pointer Fleet and came about after Fleet, at three years old, developed a significant digestion problem. Holly, a responsible dog owner, set out to research all the avenues she could to help Fleet via his diet. 

    During this research and struggling to find a solution to Fleet’s problems, she came across UK based vet and nutritionist Dr Arielle Griffiths (BVSc MRCVS)
    Arielle and Holly started working closely to develop an easy-to-cook plant-based recipe. After extensive trials and tests, they achieved Hearty Hemp and Chickpea protein powder dog kit, which is now produced for sale and enjoyed by many dogs, including Fleet, who is now healthy, and happy with no further digestive health concerns.

    How to Use the Vegan Dog Food Kit?

    I promise that the Vegan Dog Food Kit is really easy to make. It is the equivalent to painting by numbers or if you have ever made a cake from a packet… it’s that simple!

    Your hardest decision will be deciding if you will cook the whole batch in one go or if you are going to say do half or a quarter then work out the division, i.e. maths! 

    If you have children or grandchildren, you may find that they will love to help and join in too!

    When I made my first batch, I decided to do half and freeze (It freezes really well).



    You will need to check your recipe card for quantities, as these will vary depending on your batch size. 

    • Fleetful Hearty Hemp and Chickpea protein powder
    • “Just Be Kind” Supplement
    • Carrots
    • Courgettes
    • 100% Peanut Butter
    • Sunflower Oil
    • Bananas
    • Strong spoon
    • Vegetable peeler
    • Large pan
    • Measuring jug
    • Baking tray
    • Greaseproof paper
    • Fork or blender (for topping)
    • Storage containers

    If you don’t have carrots or courgettes, you can substitute with one or a mixture of cauliflower, broccoli, kale, greens, asparagus, cabbage or brussel sprouts (whatever you have or that is in season). 

    Sunflower oil may be substituted with rapeseed oil.

    NB – Never use onions, leeks or garlic

    Preparation Time: 5 minutes | Making Time: 15 minutes

    Cooking Time: 30 minutes | Total Time: 50 minutes

    *if you are not cooking your mix, you can reduce the time to between 15-20 minutes


    1. Start by gathering your equipment and ingredients

    2. Line your baking tray with greaseproof paper

    3. Heat your oven to 180° 

    4. Start by peeling your vegetables and then grate or finely chop them

    5. Add your vegetables to your large pan and cover with a little water – cook for 5 – 10 minutes (until soft).

    6. Add your water (quantities will vary depending on your chosen batch size) and bring to a rolling boil. Turn the heat down. 

    7. Gradually add the Hearty Hemp and Chickpea protein powder to the pan and whisk. (There will come a point when the mix thickens, and you will need to swap your whisk for your wooden spoon).

    8. Reduce the heat further and keep stirring for approximately 5 minutes.

    9. Pour the mixture into your lined baking tray.

    10. Using your spatula, spread the mixture evenly across your tray.

    11. At this stage, you can either leave your mix to cool OR bake in the oven for 30 mins.

    (Baking your mix will provide an extra bite/crunch for your dog)

    12. While your mix is cooling, mash your bananas, and add the supplement, peanut butter and oil – stir to combine. 

    13. Once your traybake is cool, drizzle, then evenly spread the topping using your spatula.

    14. Portion your dog food according to the feeding guide and, if needed, freeze. 

    Benefits of Using Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit

    • Super easy to make
    • Excellent easy to follow instructions – no cooking skills required!
    • Suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion
    • Vegan, cruelty-free and 100% natural
    • Vet formulated for maximum nutritional value
    • Premium ingredients are human-grade
    • Chemical-free Fleetful protein powder
    • Made in the UK by an independent producer
    • Packaged using recycled materials

    Do We Recommend the Fleetful Vegan Dog Kit?

    • If you are looking to introduce plant-based meals to your dog.
    • If you would love to cook home-prepared meals but don’t feel confident about getting the nutritional value right.  
    • If you’re looking to add variety to your dog’s meals.
    • If you want to buy from a UK company that offers fantastic customer service and knowledgeable advice.
    • If you want to buy British from an eco-friendly, supportive company and actively working to help reduce our carbon paw prints.

    We absolutely recommend you try the Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit!

    Fleetful User Reviews

    My dog loves Fleetful!

    My dog Maya loves Fleetful vegan dog food – she’s been vegan for some time due to multiple animal protein allergies and I wanted to add variety to her meals. So I ordered the Fleetful starter kit and made a batch of food for her and she loves it! She has it for breakfast every day (I still cook her other two meals myself) and wolfs it down! It feels good to know she’s having a properly balanced meal, formulated by vet nutritionists, every day and all the ingredients are clean and healthy, with no nasty preservatives or additives. It’s very easy to prepare too. Win-win. Maya and I highly recommend Fleetful dog food!”

    Amazing nutritional dog vegan food

    Amazing nutritional dog vegan food! My cockapoo loves it! Easy recipes, highly recommend“.
    Mr Frank loves his fleetful!

    Having previously tried a variety of meat-based kibbles, as well as a raw diet, my golden retriever Frank, was suffering with numerous health issues.

    Frank regularly experienced intermittent runny stools, yeast ear infections and itchy skin. However, once we switched to a plant-based diet, and discovered Fleetful, all of these problems disappeared. We love Fleetful because it’s SUPER easy to make, organic, nutritionally complete and balanced. I feel very happy knowing that Frank is getting everything he needs to thrive, and that we are simultaneously helping the planet and our fellow inhabitants.

    I would highly recommend anyone to try out Fleetful, even if you are just introducing a few plant-based meals to your dogs diet. They will love it!

    Frequently Answered Questions

    How Important is Protein in a Vegan Dog Diet?

    Protein is crucial for healthy diets, and all animals need protein (that includes us humans), yet obviously, we have different requirements than our canine companions. 

    Your dog’s protein requirement will be between 18 – 24 per cent protein on a dry matter basis. (working dogs and lactating dogs with pups will need more).

    What is the Main Protein Source in Fleetful?

    Protein is made up of amino acids, of which there are 11 essential amino acids that dogs need. Fleetful contains all 11 and uses hemp as its main protein source, which gives Fleetful a near perfect balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, which dogs need and is considered one of the best plant-based protein sources.

    Why do I need a supplement to make the Hearty Hemp and Chickpea Recipe?

    In order to avoid long term health problems, a complete and balanced diet is essential – just feeding all meat or all vegetables just won’t cut it!

    The Fleetful “Just Be Kind” supplement is key to the Hearty Hemp recipe because it contains everything your dog needs for a complete plant-based diet. The Hearty Hemp and Chickpea Recipe would not be classed as a complete dog food without it. 

    Why Can’t I Make My Own Vegan Dog Food with Fruit and Vegetables?

    We have already discussed the importance of protein, which you can obtain from leafy greens, chickpeas and other sources, however; you would need hundreds of ingredients to ensure that your homemade vegan dog food was 100% balanced and contained all the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy life. 

    For example, the Fleetful “Just Be Kind” supplement contains pre and probiotics – to help your dog’s gut microbiome, which contributes to immunity as well as all-around health and digestion and Tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin which naturally helps to keep your dog happy and calm.

    Fleetful Nutritional Breakdown

    Composition of Fleetful Powder (before cooking)

    Organic Polenta (30%), Organic Protein (23%), Organic Chickpea Flour, Organic Oatbran, Dried Vit D3 Mushrooms. 

    Analytical Constituents (fully cooked meal when recipe followed)

    Protein 7.3%*, Fat Content 4%, Inorganic Matter 1.7%, Crude Fibre 1.5%, Moisture Content 72.4%. 

    *7.3% protein as formulated, equivalent to 26.4% on a dry matter basis.

    Nutritional Additives (per Kg)

    Vitamin A 40000IU, Vitamin E 400mg, Vitamin B1 109mg, Riboflavin 100mg, Vitamin B6 20mg, Vitamin B12 1000µg, Niacin 200mg, Calcium pantothenate 100mg, Folic acid 20mg, Biotin 400µg, L-Carnitine 31250mg, Choline chloride 26667mg, Iodine 10mg, Selenium  2mg, Copper 30mg, Zinc 400mg, Manganese 40mg, Iron 200mg, L-Lysine monohydrochloride 7000mg, DL-Methionine 150000mg, L-Threonine 15000mg, Taurine 31250mg, L-Tryptophan 31000mg, L-Valine 10000mg, Gut Flora Stabiliser: Bacillus velezensis (DSM 15544) 2×1011 CFU.

    Why Did we Review The Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit?

    At Doggie Approved, we understand that when it comes to preparing homemade dog food, one of the biggest concerns is that, as lovely as it might be, and as easy as people state on various social media pages, it is very easy to get wrong and provide your dog with a meal that is lacking in essential ingredients. 

    Vets often frown upon home-prepared dog foods – regardless of whether they are raw or vegan, and, when we set out to start researching dog foods, and particularly the vegan dog diet we found nothing to be more true than this.

    We were delighted to discover Fleetful. To us, it sounded like the perfect solution that enables dog owners to feed their dogs a plant-based diet safe in the knowledge that they are giving their dogs all the nutrients they need, and as such, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it to try for ourselves!

    During my research I posted a question about a particular dog food type to ascertain if there was a vegan producer in the UK only to be shot down in flames with some rather unpleasant yet also incorrect responses: 

    “Dogs are carnivorous.”

    “Dogs aren’t vegan. Dont feed it ur diet…those r ur beliefs not ya dogs…and ull make ur dog ill”

    “You are idiots idiots and idiots again,dogs and vegan food omg so scary”

    With one response quoting a very inaccurate report from the Daily Mail!

    Why Does Vegan Dog Food Receive Such A Bad Rap?

    Starting with one of the biggest misconceptions, as quoted above, “dogs are carnivorous” – no, dogs are omnivores, meaning they can eat and remain healthy with both animal and plant foods. There is a lot of evidence online to point toward a lack of general knowledge about dog nutrition.

    What Was Reported and Misread or Understood by So Many in the Daily Mail Article?

    In the Daily Mail article, the animal welfare charity, Blue Cross, cited section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006; however, section 9 does not refer to a vegan or vegetarian dog diet. You can read the full article here.

    The article went on to quote Daniella Dos Santos, president of the British Veterinary Association, wherein part she stated, ‘It is theoretically possible to feed a dog a vegetarian diet, but it’s much easier to get it wrong than to get it right’.

    Points to remember here are:

    • Section 9 doesn’t include any reference to vegan or vegetarian food, and
    • Daniella Dos Santos is correct; it is much easier to feed a dog a vegetarian diet that is wrong rather than right.

    However, the real key point here is that it doesn’t matter if you are feeding your dog a raw, vegan or vegetarian diet it is easy to get any DIY/ make-your-own dog food diet wrong if you don’t understand the nutritional needs of your dog.

    You should never start feeding your dog homemade/ home-prepared raw or vegan food without prior consultation with a dog nutritionist or your vet!