Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

Eco-Friendly Dog Beds For Rest, Comfort & Sweet Dreams

All dogs need rest; a quiet, comfortable and safe place to snooze in peace. With so many different types of bed to choose from sometimes considering the material, it’s made from doesn’t even factor into our consideration.

Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

Shop eco-friendly dog beds. Only natural materials & ethical processes have gone into our eco dog bed collection. From puppy to senior & small to large dogs.

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At Doggie Approved, we think the materials and processes that have gone into making your chosen bed are equally important.


The beds that have made it into our eco pet store are suitable for all dogs, we have puppy beds, small beds, medium beds and large beds…yet they all have some important criteria in common – they are eco-friendly!


We have sourced the eco-beds in our store based on:


  • The materials they are made from – include cotton, canvas and bamboo
  • The materials they are filled with – feathers, sheep wool or recycled products
  • Absolutely NO – chemicals, plastics
  • Durability – soft yet tough and robust
  • Long-lasting
  • Recyclable, compostable and/ or biodegradable
    Easy to clean


Helping dog owners to reduce their carbon footprint one paw at a time!