Eco-Friendly Dog Home

For all eco-conscious homeowners - fresh, clean & safe

Dog-Friendly Household Cleaning Products – Pet Safe!

As dog owners we know that naturally, they bring in dirt and debris into our homes and unlike us, they can’t take their shoes off at the door!


It’s also safe to say, that Eau de Wet Dog isn’t a pleasant smell either – no matter how much we love our dogs.


Eco-Friendly Dog Home

Buy eco-friendly dog household cleaning products. Keep your dog & home clean & smelling fresh with eco-friendly bleach, floor cleaner, dog wipes, piddle pads & more

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  • Pet Impact Reusable Dog Pee Mats

Unfortunately, most household cleaning products contain chemicals. They may do the job, but at Doggie Approved we are all about providing the best eco-experience for us and our dogs and these don’t cut it! To make it into our store dog-friendly household cleaning products must be:


  • Eco-friendly
  • Pet safe
  • Environmentally friendly


And include: eco-friendly bleach, floor cleaner, dog wipes, piddle pads and candles to keep your dog and home clean and smelling fresh

Helping dog owners to reduce their carbon footprint one paw at a time!