Eco-Friendly Dog Travel

Doggie Approved sources the latest and greatest eco-friendly dog travel products.

All the Essential Dog Travel Products You Need


Eco dog travel doesn’t need to be a bind. It is still more than possible for you to be an eco dog owner while travelling with your dog.


Eco-Friendly Dog Travel

Eco Dog Travel – Your essential eco-friendly travel kit from travel towels, to bowels, bottles, shampoo & showers. Eco friendly with a low carbon paw print.

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How many times have you been out on a walk and needed to give your hound an emergency bath/ rub down, needed a first aid kit or a long drink after a big walk on a hot day? Or, perhaps you are taking your pooch away for the weekend or week and don’t want to pack the kitchen sink!


We have sourced the best eco-friendly dog travel products to meet our four-legged companion’s travel needs:


  • Travel towels for dogs
  • Travel dog bowls
  • Dog travel water bottles
  • Travel shampoo bars & travel kits for dogs
  • …and even dog travel showers!

Helping dog owners to reduce their carbon footprint one paw at a time!