Eco-Friendly Dog Walking

Collars, Harnesses, Leads & All Your Poop Accessories

At Doggie Approved our shop only stocks eco-friendly dog collars, leads and harnesses that, at the end of their life can be upcycled and reused, and all our poop accessories are either compostable, bio-degradable or made from recyclable materials.


Our eco-friendly dog walking products must be:

  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Earth-friendly
  • Of great quality & durable
  • Use only natural or upcycled materials

Eco-Friendly Dog Walking

Dog walking! ‘The most important activity for you and your four-legged friend’. Come rain or shine, all-year-round we W.A.L.K!


3 Fundamental Reasons for Walking Our Dogs:


1) Exercise & keep fit and healthy
2) So they can go to the toilet
3) Its good for us humans to exercise and our own mental well being


Eco dog collars, leads, harnesses and poop bags are essential when it comes to dog walking. They help to keep our dogs safe and enable us to be the best responsible dog owners we can be!


Materials used to make eco-friendly dog collars and leads include: hemp, repurposed rope, organic cotton and recycled leather.


Our eco-friendly dog poo accessories are made from plant-based compositions i.e. vegetable or corn starch.


Helping dog owners to reduce their carbon footprint one paw at a time!