Natural Dog Treats & Chews

Natural Dog Treats & Chews Produced in the UK - The Health Choice for Your Dog

Dog treats have many purposes, they are used as a reward for good behaviour, to train your puppy in activities such as recall and focus and to encourage and bond with your dog.


Natural Dog Chews can be used as a stimulant to relieve boredom, to help with separation anxiety and support dental hygiene for teeth and gums and of course to entertain.

Natural Dog Treats and Chews

Natural dog treats & chews produced in the UK to train & reward & while supporting dental hygiene. 100% natural from natural ingredients with no added nasties.

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At Doggie Approved, we only believe in giving the best to our dogs. That means products that are 100% natural, from natural ingredients with no added nasties.


For dog treats and chews to make it into our shop they need to be rich in vitamins and minerals, contain only the best ingredients including fish, or pure meat and if vegan 100% quality plant-based ingredients.


In addition, where possible we look to work with suppliers who are UK based and follow ethical production processes which include how they package their products.

Helping dog owners to reduce their carbon footprint one paw at a time!