Bamboo Groom Slicker Dog Brush

The Bamboo Slicker Dog Brush made from non-plastic materials meets the requirements for healthy dog coats and eco-friendly ownership. As dog owners, we know that regular brushing is key to ensuring your dog has a healthy coat.



Bamboo Groom has developed this Slicker Brush Brush to support the needs of dog owners who are looking for a quality eco-friendly brush that meets their grooming needs.

Grooming is key for healthy dogs, yet many slicker brushes available to buy aren’t eco-friendly with the majority made from plastic. Bamboo Groom has developed their slicker brush to be both eco friendly and to do a great job of keeping your dogs coat in tip-top condition.

Different breeds need different brushes depending on their type of coat and size. The Bamboo Groom Slicker Dog Brush comes in a choice of three sizes, small, medium and large.  It’s made from natural materials and has an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable to use.

Its fine short wires are close together on a flat surface and work gently to reduce shredding by reaching into your dogs undercoat and gently removing loose hairs and mats leaving your dogs coat looking silky smooth and shiny.

  • Angled pins to reach into the undercoat
  • Gently removes loose hairs
  • Reduces shedding
  • Prevents mats
  • Results in smooth and shiny coats
  • Made from natural materials – Bamboo & steal
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Reinforced fabric behind every pin/bristle pad

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