ByBenji Biltong Dog Sausage Sticks


ByBenji Biltong Dog Sausage Sticks will send your dogs wild with drooling anticipation! These dog sausage sticks are 100% natural, carb-free, delicious, and wholesome. With a soft texture, they are easy to crumble making them perfect for young pups and older pooches who may be dentally challenged.



ByBenji Biltong Dog Sausage Sticks are made from only the highest quality human-grade silverside. Suitable for puppies and senior pooches.

As loving dog owners know the importance of dog treats. They have a big role in building a bond and trust with our dogs. Maybe after training or as a display of affection.

The importance that some owners miss is what’s in the ingredients of the treats they give their dogs and how many treats we give our best friends. ByBenji Biltong dog sausage sticks are made from 100% great with no artificial nasties.

In addition to being used as training treats, they are small enough to stuff into toy dispensers to entertain your dog.

ByBenji treats and chews are made in the UK. Following a unique marinating process to infuse the beef and intensify the flavour the treats are hung to air cure in a special drying room.

Only the good stuff included

You won’t find any nasties in ByBenji dog products including gluten, corn, wheat, MSG, soya, artificial flavourings or carbohydrates.

  • High intensity of flavours
  • Snaps easily by hand
  • Soft enough to crumble – great for dentally challenged & older dogs
  • Marinated minced beef sausage sticks
  • 100% premium beef
  • Unique recipe – highly flavoured
  • Naturally air cured
  • DEFRA registered manufacturer
  • Made in the UK

Energy 289 kcal/100g, protein 69.4%, Moisture 6.8%, Fat Content 19.6%, Crude Ash 4.2%, Crude Fibre <1%, Salt 1.2%, Sugars <1%

Once open training treats may be stored in your fridge and will last up to 8 weeks.

If you keep your treat bag sealed and out of direct sunlight it will last 12 months.

Dog training treats may be frozen pre and post-opening.

NB: Products may well perish over a week if left in any plastic sealed container, where moisture can lock and mould can form.

ByBenji Biltong Dog Sausage Sticks are made from only the highest quality human grade silverside. Suitable for puppies and senior pooches.


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