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The Doggie Apparel Velvet Teeny Collar for eco dog owners of ‘teeny’ dogs! The Velvet Teeny collar is soft, comfortable and safe. Plush, stylish and luxuriant – For the dogs that deserve to look splendiferous while turning heads as it sashayes down the highstreet!


The Doggie Apparel Velvet Teeny Collar is a bespoke and eco-friendly British made collar that offers style, comfort and safety for you and your ‘diva’ dog! From pretty La-Chons to spunky and charming Chiweenies!

Choose from three beautiful bold and classic colours, made from extra strong British woven webbing and solid brass hardware. Clip collars are available in 10mm width webbing.

Your collar will be bespoke made with a durable anti-snap plastic fastening which is colour matched to your colour choice. Or, you can choose a Doggie Apparel Velvet Teeny Slip Collar. Slip collars are available in 10mm widths.

NB. Unfortunately plastic is not eco-friendly, however, at the end of the life of your collar, you can return and upcycle your collar*.

If you love the idea of coordinating and accessorising your collar, take a look at the Doggie Apparel Velvet Teeny range of beautiful and stylish matching leads and harnesses.

  • Hand made in the UK from British sourced materials
  • Choose from three bold and classic colours.
  • Choose from a clip fastening or martingale (slip) collar
  • Plush, luxurious and splendiferous
  • Matching collar or harness available
  • Suitable for small dogs
  • For dogs (and owners) who are confident and flamboyant!
  • Extra strong British woven webbing
  • Solid Brass hardware from UK suppliers
  • Durable anti-snap plastic fastenings colour coordinate to match your colourway choice
  • Preferably wash by hand, however, you can machine wash at 30 degrees
  • All collars can be fully upcycled at the end of life/ use*

100% nylon, soft pile velvet ribbon with solid brass hardware

Salt Water – wash and rinse after contact with saltwater and leave your collar to dry naturally.

Hand Wash – Ideally wash your collar by hand, this is due to the solid brassware, however, they can be washed at 30 degrees and then left to dry naturally

*What makes Doggie Apparel unique and one of our super eco-friendly suppliers is their eco-ethos.

All collars can be returned and upcycled at the end of life or when you feel like a change!

Simply return your collar to Doggie Apparel who will take your collar and they will refurbish the hardware and webbings to use them on any future up-cycled products.

You can choose to order an up-cycled collar or a brand new collar – for doing your good turn to help the environment you will be provided with a 15% voucher to use on your next purchase from leads, collars, harnesses, beds, apparel and toys!


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