Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit


The Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit is ideal for dog owners who want to feed their dogs a complete and organic plant-based diet yet are a bit unsure of going down the homemade route!



The guys at Fleetful have come up with a fabulous Vegan Dog Food Kit that’s packed with all the plant-based nutrition your dog needs. It’s, 100% organic and wholesome and has everything your dog nutritionally needs.

Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit is ideal for dog owners who love the idea of a home-prepared vegan dog food, yet are concerned with getting the nutritional content right.

The best comparison is to think of the cake mix invention. It’s successful and popular because:

  • It tastes great
  • It’s easy to make, and
  • It delivers consistent results every time

…this is exactly what you get with the Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit.

  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion
  • Easy to make – simple instructions (no cooking skills required)!
  • Made with only natural ingredients – organic human-grade ingredients from a UK based independent company
  • Non-animal based protein powder
  • Cuts your dog’s carbon pawprint by up to 20 times compared to meat-based dog food
  • Recycled packaging
  • Ideal for batch cooking – just portion and freeze
  • Vegan | Cruelty-Free | 100% Natural
  • Vet formulated for maximum nutrient absorbtion
  • Can be made and frozen – perfect for batch cooking.
  • Only premium human-grade ingredients are used
  • Organically grown British hemp ‘complete’ protein
  • Chemical-free Fleetful protein powder 
  • Packed with protein – equivalent to 20 tins of dog food!

Only the good stuff included

Fleetfull Fresh Vegan Dog Food Kit Contains: 1465g of Fleetful plant-based protein powder, 100g JUST BE KIND Supplement (vitamins, pre and pro-biotics to make food nutritionally complete and healthy), Easy to read and understand recipe card and information.

In addition to the complete mix you will need to purchase and grate/chop

400g carrots*
550g courgettes*

You will also need:

60g sunflower oil
4 bananas (mashed)
2 tbsp peanut butter (100% peanuts)

*You don’t need to cook the full batch in one go so can half or quarter the additional fresh vegetables.

Carrots and courgettes can be substituted for a mixture of cauliflower, broccoli, kale, green beans, asparagus, cabbage, and/or brussel sprouts. 

Sunflower oil may be substituted with rapeseed oil.

NB – Do not use onions, leeks or garlic.

Keep your Fleetful Fresh Vegan Dog Food Kit in a cool dry place away from sunlight when open.

Packaging is eco-friendly and resealable.

Composition of Fleetful Powder (before cooking): Organic Polenta (30%), Organic Protein (23%), Organic Chickpea Flour, Organic Oatbran, Dried Vit D3 Mushrooms. 

Analytical Constituents (fully cooked meal when recipe followed) 

Protein 7.3%*, Fat Content 4%, Inorganic Matter 1.7%, Crude Fibre 1.5%, Moisture Content 72.4%. 

*7.3% protein as formulated, equivalent to 26.4% on a dry matter basis

Nutritional Additives (per Kg)

Vitamin A 40000IU, Vitamin E 400mg, Vitamin B1 109mg, Riboflavin 100mg, Vitamin B6 20mg, Vitamin B12 1000µg, Niacin 200mg, Calcium pantothenate 100mg, Folic acid 20mg, Biotin 400µg, L-Carnitine 31250mg, Choline chloride 26667mg, Iodine 10mg, Selenium  2mg, Copper 30mg, Zinc 400mg, Manganese 40mg, Iron 200mg, L-Lysine monohydrochloride 7000mg, DL-Methionine 150000mg, L-Threonine 15000mg, Taurine 31250mg, L-Tryptophan 31000mg, L-Valine 10000mg, Gut Flora Stabiliser: Bacillus velezensis (DSM 15544) 2×1011 CFU.


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