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The Pet-Fun Acorn Tough & Strong Slow Feed Dog Chew Toy like other dog chew toys is there to entertain your dog. However, this toy goes several steps further including teeth cleaning & helping to slow fast eaters down and it’s eco-friendly – made from 100% food grade natural rubber.



Chewing helps humans and dogs cope with stress. As humans, we may chew our fingernails or even clench our teeth, so it’s only natural that chewing is essential for all dogs as well and not just puppies.

Chewing is helpful for both your dogs mental and physical wellbeing.

Providing them with safe, eco-friendly toys such as the Pet-Fun Acorn Tough & Strong Slow Feed Dog Chew Toy will bring enrichment and fun while helping with oral health and is ideal for puppies and older dogs.

  • Knobbly texture to help teeth clean
  • Helps fast eaters to slow down
  • Good for soothing teething puppies
  • Helps to work your dogs mouth muscles strong
  • Can be frozen for summer cool downs
  • Relieves boredom, anxiety and frustration
  • Dry food slow feeder
  • Treat dispenser
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Soft and gentle on your dogs mouth
  • Food grade natural rubber
  • Made to British standards

On receiving your Pet-Fun® Acorn Tough & Strong Slow Feed Dog Chew please remove all packaging and labels.

Its important to always supervise your dog when playing.

NB. No eco-friendly dog toy is completely indestructible.

100% food-grade natural rubber


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