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Pet-Fun Dumbbell Hex Enrichment Treat Dispenser Dog Toy is a fun treat dispenser ball that can help decrease anxiety and entertain your dog. Made from food-grade natural rubber, it’s eco-friendly, safe to chew & can help dental hygiene.


The Dumbbell Hex Enrichment Treat Dispenser Dog Toy Using super flexible and bouncy natural rubber you can use it as part of your dogs exercise & training routine along with promoting healthy chewing. It’s been made with non-toxic food-grade natural rubber and tested against FDA standards to meet the highest safety standards.

Imagine a peaceful cup of tea while your dog entertains him/herself out trying to dispense their kibble!

This toy has been designed with big and small dogs in mind and especially those who are ‘big’ chewing. It’s Deceptively strong yet flexible.

At the heart of its design is playing and chewing. It’s safe, fun and durable.

  • Easy to hold – fun to chew
  • Flexible, durable and bouncy – rolls, bends and twists
  • Kibble dispenser – when your dog manages to work out what position to get it into!
  • Safe – made from non-toxic food-grade natural rubber
  • Granulated textured surface – great for gum care & dental hygiene
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Lab-tested for strength and chewability – pull & tear tension 380lb
  • Helps to control plaque & tatar
  • Soothes puppies when teething
  • Works to solve destructive chewing, boredom & separation anxiety
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee – free replacements

On receiving your Pet-Fun® Dumbbell Hex Enrichment Treat Dispenser Dog Toy please remove all packaging and labels.

Its important to always supervise your dog when playing.

NB. No eco-friendly dog toy is completely indestructible.

100% food-grade natural rubber


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