The Green Poop Bag X-Large Singles


The Green Poop Bag X-Large Singles are for dog owners who want to scoop knowing they are doing their bit for the plant. These affordable eco-friendly poo bags will help you to take just one small step to reduce your carbon pawprint!



The Green Poop Bag X-Large Singles are the ultimate in dog poo bags! At Doggie Approved we are big fans and don’t leave the house without them!

These X-Large Singles are exactly that, large 28 x 33cm. They are also easy to open, especially on cold days when your fingers don’t want to work!

They are strong and have the capacity to hold 4 litres and tie handles make them super easy to scoop, tie and on your way…

Choose to purchase 120 bags (8 rolls) or 360 bags (24 rolls).
120 bags will last you 2 months
360 bags will last you 6 months (+Free Delivery)

Usage quantities have been based upon one dog having two poo’s a day.

These award-winning green poop bags from British company, appropriately named, The Green Poop Bag really tick all the boxes for dog owners who are currently treading the green path or transitioning to do a little bit more for our environment and to reduce their carbon pawprints.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • No Microplastics – ZERO waste!
  • Extra strong – 18 microns thick
  • Extra-large in size
  • Easy to use dispenser box
  • Handy tie and carry handles
  • Very easy to open
  • No scent
  • Vegan friendly
  • 8 rolls per box (120 bags) OR 24 rolls per box (360 bags)
  • XL size 11” x 13” | 28 x 33
  • 120 poo bags – enough for 2 months (based on 2 x dog poos per day)
  • EU EN13432 and TUV tested to decompose within 3-6 months (even in home compost)
  • No Chemical additives D2W or EPI
  • 18 microns thick
  • Home compostable certified
  • Packaging – cardboard


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