The Green Poop Bag Review

The Green Poop Bag will have you picking your poop up in confidence. No more split bags, messy hands and safe in the knowledge that the bag you use will decompose in 3-6 months.


    If you are looking to make one small change towards improving your eco-credentials and reducing your dogs carbon paw print, then you will want to buy these poo bags!

    • These poop bags are perfect for all dog owners looking for the best eco-friendly poop bags
    • We can’t find one reason why not to buy Green Poop Bags!

    At Doggie Approved we think that one of the easiest, smallest and most affordable steps responsible dog owners can make towards becoming an eco dog owner is to start using eco-friendly poop bags, soo we wrote this Green Poop Bag Review.

    Statista reports the dog population in the UK for 2010 – 2011 to be estimated at 12.5 million and with that, Companion Life estimate that this equates to UK dog owners using 5.5 billion bag poos each year!

    And, you might be further surprised, shocked even to know that Dog Poo Research conducted in 2021 concluded:

    31% of dog owners confessed that they do not clear up after their dogs because of an opinion that poop bags are a wasteful resource on our planet i.e. they can’t be recycled!

    Why are Eco-Friendly Dog Poo Bags Hard to Buy?

    You can walk into almost all pet shops, supermarkets or even search online and buy eco poop bags for your dog – easy?

    Actually, No! Just because the packaging states that the dog waste bag is ‘biodegradable and compostable’ often, this is a ‘bend of the truth’ with many not leading up to their claims.

    The Green Poop Bags are a British award-winning company that makes naturally biodegradable, home compostable certified, vegan-friendly dog poop bags. (Nip down to read their full features)

    The company was the brainchild of Denise and a lovely bunch of like-minded eco dog owners and one crazy cat lady!

    Denise had realised that despite her best efforts for being a responsible dog owner to her dog Ebi, by picking up dog poo she was actually damaging the environment! Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, so even though she, and many of us, have been picking up poo in what we think is a responsible manner, we have inadvertently not been kind to the planet.

    Choose From Two Sizes/ Styles

    The Green Poop Bags come in either singles or rolls and can be purchased as a one-off purchase or via subscription and you can choose to buy either 120 bags, which is enough for two months (calculated on one dog having two poos a day) or a six month supply of 360 bags.

    Sizes vary very slightly, with rolls 13” x 9” and with a 3-litre capacity and singles, very slightly larger, 13” x 11” which hold a 4-litre capacity.

    Designed by dog owners for dog owners these poop bags meet the key poop bag credentials we need:

    They are quality poop bags, strong (18 microns thick to be precise), so no need for you to concern yourself with the fear they may split.

    They are also easy to access from either the box or roll and they are easy to open with the ability to hold a sizable quantity of poop! And when you are done picking up, they have really thought about how we need to knot and tie – so no matter if you are a top tie or side tie it’s easy.

    Best of all they are made from a blend of cornstarch and sugar making them compostable and naturally biodegradable.  As a British made product, they are been EU certified and tested to decompose within just 3 – 6 months.

    Delivery is good and there’s an option to subscribe:

    • Never run out 
    • Save 10%
    • Feel happy that you are helping others – The Green Poop Bag donate a percentage of its profits to charities that are helping to change UK and worldwide laws to eliminate environmental waste.

    The Green Poop Bag Review: Features

    When buying from The Green Poop bag you have two choices to choose from and it really comes down to preference, you can buy them either on a roll or as boxed singles. The sizes are very slightly different in size and capacity. But that’s where the similarities differ.

    You can rest assured that you are making the best eco-friendly choice when buying from The Green Poop Bag and here’s why:

    • 100% Biodegradable
    • Home Compostable (not for compost where you intend to use for growing fruit/ or vegetables)
    • Natural Ingredients – made from a blend of sugar and starch
    • Eco-Friendly Packaging – made from cardboard, easy for recycling
    • Easy to remove stickers – Each roll comes bound with a small circular sticker to keep the roll in place
    • Bag Size – 9” / 22.7 cm x 13” 33 cm
    • Poop Bag Dispensers – The Green Poop Bag rolls will fit all standard sized poop bag dispensers
    • Handles – Easy to knot handles
    • Quantity – Each box of 120 bags contains 8 x rolls
    • Smell – Bags are not scented
    • Vegan friendly!

    The Techie features…

    • EU EN13432 and TUV tested
    • No Chemical additives D2W or EPI
    • 18 microns thick
    • Home compostable certified

    How Much Do Green Poop Bags Cost?

    The Green Poop Bags are reasonably priced and you are provided with the option to subscribe with a 10% discount if you choose the subscription offer.

    Regardless of your choice – rolls or singles, the price is:

    120 x bags are £9.90 or you can choose to subscribe and save (10%): £38.91

    The single payment offer provides you with 120 bags which is a two month supply. This is based on one dog having two poops per day.

    The subscription offer is for 6 months and as an additional perk, you will receive free postage.

    The Green Poop Bag: User Reviews

    As converts to The Green Poop Bag, we think they are the best eco-friendly poop bags in the UK. My husband seems to have rather a large issue with dog poop and what happens to it, we have tried many poop bags now, and as someone who hates picking up (but of course does), he loves the large size and feels comforted about not having any, shall we say ‘unfortunate ‘hand’ accidents’! Plus they are easy to open and tie.

    But, you don’t need to take our personal reviews.  The Green Poop Bag at the time of writing has a very impressive database of 957 customer reviews.

    “A perfect product – easy to open & handles are great”

    “These bags are great! Really think and I never feel worried about them splitting”

    “Easy to pull off the roll and to open for quick poop collecting”

    Should You Buy Green Poop Bags?

    Yes, we absolutely endorse these and encourage all dog owners who are looking to reduce their carbon paw prints to give The Green Poop Bag a try. We are convinced you will be pleased with your purchase, safe in the knowledge that the poop bags will decompose after 3-6 months, leaving zero harmful traces and giving you peace of mind that you are taking one paw print to a healthier planet.

    Oh, and did we mention that they are also Award-winning? In 2020 the team were officially recognised for their amazing work with an award from The Green Apple Environment Awards for developing environmental best practice from a pool of 500 other nominees…still wondering if you should buy?  They won due to their “well-rounded, zero-waste and plastic-free” mission credentials, along with their premium design specifications and green goals.

    Frequently Answered Questions

    What’s the Difference Between Biodegradable & Compostable Poo Bags

    Biodegradable Poo Bags

    Biodegradable -Over time, your poo bag will break down over a shorter period of time, we’re talking months. Sounds great, but wait. Micro-plastics that are then released into our environment have a negative impact on our wildlife. 

    Compostable Poo Bags

    Compostable poo bags are made from plant-based materials such as vegetable or corn starch meaning they will naturally biodegrade.

    Can You Put Compostable Poop Bags in a Compost Bin?

    Yes, and no! You should not put compostable poop bags in compost bins if your compost is intended for use on edible plants and vegetables.

    How to Choose the Best Compostable Poo Bag?

    When you research compostable poo bags, make sure to read the small print, you need to ensure the eco-poop bags you buy are certified EU EN13232 (this means the bags are suitable for industrial composting, also look for TUV tested.

    What are Compostable Poo Bags Made From?

    Compostable Poo bags are made from plant-based materials such as corn starch or vegetable starch.